Course Contents  Durations
(in Minutes)
Understanding of SQL Server Design and Architecture 60
Installation and configuration of MS SQL Database. 60
Understand the various  tools available in SQL Server. 30
Creation and managing the MS SQL Databases 60
Understanding SQL Server file system 30
Monitoring and management of MS SQL Server data file and log file. 60
Learning Query Design and Query Performance Tuning (overview) 60
SQL Server Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions 450
                a. Database Backup and Recovery
                b. Database Mirroring
                c. Replication.
                d. Log Shipping.
                e. Failover Clustering & Always On(Overview)
Understanding the regular Database Monitoring and Managing. 60
Understanding SQL Server Mail and Notification Services 60
Understanding the integration features of MS SQL database. 60
Creation,monitoring and Managing of MS SQL Database automatic jobs and alert configuration. 120
SQL Server security authentication measures. 90
Understanding various DBCC and DMV commands on MS SQL Database. 90
Creation of users and logins. 60
MS SQL Server upgradation and vulnerability remediation. 60
Understanding the roles and responsibilities of MS SQL DBA. 60
Practical on the above topics 180
Test on the above topics 150
Total Minutes 1800
Total Hours 30