While installing the DB binaries for Oracle RAC 19c, we were receiving the below error related to NTPD Slewing option

PRVG - 1032 : slewing option "-x" not found on the NTP daemon command line on nodes "jack,jill"
NTP daemon is synchronized with at least one external time source 

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What is slewing?

The NTP daemon will periodically update the system clock with the time from a reference clock. If the time on the reference clock is behind the time on the system clock, the system clock will be set backward in one large decrement. Such swift changes in time can lead to Oracle shutting down the node due to inconsistent timers. To avoid this problem, NTP can be configured to slew the clock. When slewing the clock the time on the system is incremented slower until the system clock is in sync with the time on the reference system.  

Here we will see steps to set NTP slewing option on NTP clients so that the service starts with slewing enabled and resolve the PRVG-1032 error .

Steps :

Stop the NTP Service

service ntpd stop


Edit /etc/sysconfig/ntpd file and add -x before -u:

vi /etc/sysconfig/ntpd
# Command line options for ntpd
OPTIONS="-x -u ntp:ntp -p /var/run/ntpd.pid"


Start the NTP service for the changes to take effect:

service ntpd start


Reinstall the Database Binaries and it will run without throwing the concerned error.


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