Commands in Oracle :

1. Daily Commands in Oracle

2. Tablespace Commands

3. Basic RMAN Commands

4. Export Import Datapump Basic Commands

Interview Questions :

1. Oracle interview questions part 1

2. Oracle Interview Questions Part 2

3. Oracle Interview Questions Part 3

4. Oracle RAC Interview questions

Single Instance :

1. Move Database Files online to a new location in Oracle 12c and later versions

2. Change DBID for an Oracle database 

3. Listener failed to start with insufficient privilege

4. Export Dump file not compatible with Target Version


1. Installation of ORACLE 19c RAC Servers using Virtual Box

2. Installation of 19c Grid and RAC database using Virtual Box

3. Steps to fix a corrupted SPFile in ASM with 2 node RAC

4. Change SCAN Name in Oracle 19c

5. 19c Grid Patch from 19.3 to 19.5

6. Fix Opatch : Missing command :fuser Prerequisite CheckSystemCommandsAvailable Failed

7. Deinstall Oracle 19c Grid

8. PRVG – 1032 : slewing option “-x” not found on the NTP daemon command line on nodes

9. Roll Forward your Standby Oracle RAC database

10. Steps to add a node in Oracle RAC 19c

11. Steps to delete a node in Oracle RAC 19c

12. Change Port number for your SCAN Listener


Dataguard :

1. Step by Step configuration of Oracle 12c Data Guard Physical Standby :

2. Step by Step creation of 2 Node RAC Physical Standby Database

3. Steps to setup Dataguard with RAC Primary and Standalone Physical Standby

4. Steps to convert 2 Node Physical Standby RAC database to Snapshot Standby

5. Step by step setup of Dataguard on Heterogenous Operating Systems

6. Steps to switchover from Primary Database to Standby Database in Oracle Dataguard


Upgrade :

1. Upgrade from 12c to 19c in a Data Guard environment

2. Step by Step Manual Upgrade of a CDB from 12c to 19c

3. Step by Step Upgrade Oracle RAC Grid Infrastructure and Database from 12c to 19c using DBUA

4. Step by Step Oracle Grid + RAC Database upgrade from to 19c in Silent Method

5. Fixing up pre-upgrade issues related to DST update operation in Oracle 19c Upgrade